Topic: Hadfield

Saw this and thought of you!  wink  lol


The social animal knows everyone on the message board, not only that they know everyone's real name, their mothers maiden name and the name of each members first childhood pet. The social animal is on the board 24/7 and have amassed over 10,000 posts in the last year. Their whole life revolves around the Internet and if theres a meet-up anywhere in the country its guaranteed they will be there (or maybe not)!!. The worst thing that could happen to the social animal would be if they lost their Internet access or were forced to miss a meet-up. If this was to ever occur it would be advisable to remove the bottles of paracetemol and razor blades from the social animals bathroom.

Or maybe this one


The Sleaze is on the message board for one purpose and one purpose only to get a shag. When a new female member joins the board theyre as happy as a paedophile in Mothercare and immediately make the first contact with Private Messages welcoming them to the board. The Sleaze believes being so quick off the mark will be the only way to get in the new girls knickers before more good looking, witty and less sleazy board members notice the new members presence. Within a few weeks the new girl has blocked the sleaze from MSN and the sleaze moves on to his next target, still hoping to lose his virginity before he reaches 30.