Topic: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

01. Kidstuff / Do What you wanna [Loaded]
02. Atlas / Compass Error (Tarrentella and Redanka) [Plastica]
03. Salome and Ives / Mystic Roya [Bedrock]
04. Blackwatch and Greed / Gentle Rain (Mixes) [MOS]
05. Wok Institute feat. Morika Elek / Libetina [Hussle]
06. Joshua Collins / Project 3 (Chris Lake mix) [Unsigned]
07. RJ Project / What Colour is Love (Mixes) [Hooj]
08. Ian Pooley and Majik J / Piha [Honchos]
09. Rey / Over My shoulder (Chus and Ceballos) [Skyline]
10. G Club presents Banda Sonora / Pressure Cooker [Defected]
11. Lee Henson / Furry [CDR]
12. Kayestone / JK's Groove (Hellpass) [Limbo]
13. Tom Mangan / Chutney [Bedrock]
14. Aircrash Bureau / Power Surpassed [Kamaflage]
15. Psycho Radio / Underground (Mixes) [Hooj]
16. Unknown / Orcana (Hellpass High Pleasure mix) [White]
17. Blue Haze / Greedy Planet [Confi-Dance]
18. Andro / Can't Deny [Mechanism]
19. Sieg Uber Die Sonne / I'm not a sound (Akufen) [New State]
20. School / If (DubClub reverse) [Virgin]
21. Redbak / Closing in [Sunkissed Records]


Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

See you are Producer. Did you already have releases?
I'm busy now in a studio in Belgium and i'm gonna work with Ariel Baund end of this year...
Nice to have charts from over there. Belgium is runnin' behind.

Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

yes, I have had releases.  Check out my website here.  Had an original release out on Lost Language, and i have done remixes for Maelstrom, iNtra, Minimal, and Pangea.

Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

they're all shite though  wink

Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

they'll go well with your mixing then Xeb.  :shock:

Chris, when are you down in London to play???

A day without blood is like a day without sunshine.

Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

yep, pretty much

senor lake is playing sacred on october 11th

Re: Chris Lake Chart 25.09.2002

Xeb, go fuck yourself!!!  hehe!   :twisted:  wink

Steve, I am going to be playing at Sacred with Impasse, Steve Langdon, Al Williams, and the Cubik crew in Croydon on October 11th.  More details at www.sacredlondon.  You should come along.  Promises to be a good night!