Topic: Bedrock Classic Remixes??

Hi all... heard a "rumour" about bedrock releasing some remixed classics (grayarea, yunus)... any word on this? Thanks for your help!


Re: Bedrock Classic Remixes??

yup, Bedrock 50th release... 4x12" (single sided) to be released 15 Dec I think

Re: Bedrock Classic Remixes??

yeh, 4 single sided records

1, heaven scent (yunus guvenen remix)

2, saints and sinners, pushin to hard (the official 2003 bootleg)

3, tijuana, groove is in the air, (the low end specialists dirty sanchez remix)

4, bedrock, emerald, (grayarea's speakeasy remix)

if they asked i wuld have done a remix on the other side,!!!!!!!!! roll

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