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big_smile  big_smile  He certainly brightened up Lottie's show this evening!!! There is a full one hour mix available at radio 1 online....

...he played Emerald, a new Junkie XL track and the Sasha / Junkie XL one as well... very nice selection!!!

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Bugger, missed it!! Anyone gotta recording of it?

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Is it a full 1 hour mix from Sander?????

If so.........can you please post the link? I cant find it on radio 1's website. If it was the full mix, and if anyones got - please let me know!


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Yea, post it please.

now if we could just get him to come to life will be complete.  big_smile

love never fails.

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I taped the 1/2 hour mix they broadcasted.... you should be able to hear that on the R1 website anyway....

Lottie says at the end of the show about the 1 hour mix, it should be accessible from the website soon.. maybe its on from today??

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grrr, hate bloody webcasts... crappy quality  :evil:

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Glad to see you got yer name right on this site 'eh Fletch wink *Tee Hee*

Those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who could not hear the music!!

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