Topic: Salez - New Tunes:


Big Break

Miss Misty



Salez - Urban Drums

Salez - Without Equal

Salez - Urban Drums (BLS Remix)

Salez - Without Equal (BLS Remix)

Salez - Down By The Cool Waters

Salez - Lazin'

Salez - Bad Report

To access these tracks:

Simply enter www.looplabs.com, click to get high bandwidth sounds, click on songs in the top right, type "Colin Sales" into the text box, click on search and scroll right down to the bottom, then click on the track name, turn up the volume and press play!

Only online listening at the moment but...

<b>        If anyone knows how to get this onto CD-R please let me know</b>

Please give me feedback via this thread and <b>  check out my website...


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