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I can't stand CDs but this acetate malarky is slowly killing me...

So I have to either buy some Pioneer CD decks or Final Scratch.

Has anyone experienced any glitches etc. with Final Scratch? I need to know how reliable it is cos i'll need to buy a new lap top to use it in clubs.

Any help appreciated.



Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

if your thinking of a new laptop, Final Scratch have an "approved & tested" list

Approved Laptops

Acer Travelmate 223XC
Compaq 700 723EA
Compaq 700 725EA
Compaq 700 725EA
Compaq 700 725EA-XP
Compaq Presario 1700
Compaq Presario 2700
Compaq 1700 1722EA-XP
Gateway Solo 5350
HP Omnibook F4160HS - XE3
HP Omnibook F4845 XE3
HP Pavilion N5270
IBM Thinkpad A30
Packard Bell Easynote 3C4000RW
Sony Vaio Z600LEK
Sony Vaio F808K
Sony Vaio NV109M
Toshiba Satellite S1900-102
Toshiba Satellite S1800-614
Toshiba Satellite S1800-412
Toshiba Satellite S180-514
Toshiba Satellite S1800-712

oh, & Richie Hawtin has been using it

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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

Jonathan, Chris and I have both had a play and yes, it is as good as it looks. However, after you have bought both the unit and a nice laptop, you will have a serious dent in your bank account...

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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

..............and a complete lack of deep sub bass  roll

Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

If you need any help with purchasing any of the Sony laptops, I get 25% discount, so just give me a shout.


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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

Shealan, the acetate bill of 400 quid a month is crippling so I reckoned this would make sense..but ive just heard a few horror stories on GU so think i'll try these orrible little c#nts called Cds....

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Jonathan, you can ask a guy called Darien on the hooj board as he's been testing it IIR


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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

I would go for the Pioneers, i've seen some dj's with FS but i really can't see the point of it, it's not giving some extras to a night IMO


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Jonathan, don't listen to the comments made on the GU board.

Get to a showroom (I think Sapphires have a demo unit), take a cd with some of your tracks in mp3 format and try it out for yourself.

As far as I am concerned it is as good as vinyl, as long as you only play mp3 files with a minimum of 192kps, and looks just as good as you are still mixing with the deck platter and pitch control.

Chris was blown away with it, and you know how hard he is to impress.

Also, with FS you have a switch so you can also play normal vinyl on the decks if you want, which means you could still bring normal vinyl, and only play the acetate tracks from mp3, then your other tracks on vinyl, rather than dropping your entire record collection into digital format.

Also, remember, finalscratch is rather nice gimmick. People are so interested in Josh Winks club appearences for 2 reasons:

1: Because as a DJ, the man is a legend.
2: They are curious about this use of new technology and want to check it out.

In this world we live in, where everybody and their mother has a pair of 1210's, a little gimmick on your side can only be a good thing smile

Failing that, if you are still not hot on the idea, get yourself a pair of CDJ800's. All the great features of the 1000's for much less.

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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

Thanks very much for that Shealan.

I had a go in a shop in Montreal and it seemed wicked. My main concern is that while it works fine in a shop it may f#ck up in a club.

I find it more appealling that cd decks tho cos if i master the 1000 or 800 and i get to some club that's only got those orrible denons then im screwed...

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hi Jonothan

Yeah I used it one night at Area 51 and it worked really well.... BUT it was Chris Cowie's one which had been sent to him for testing by Sony back in December last year... it came with a dedicated (& probably very high spec) Sony laptop, which would help prevent crashes etc - not sure how reliable a standard/less expensive laptop might be.

One problem we did encounter was when a rather "spangled" young lady managed to somehow accidentally pull the plug out of the wall, causing the whole system to shutdown and the club was plunged into silence!

But as soon as the power was switched back on (without having to wait for the laptop to boot up and FS to load etc) the music was immediately restored. I was playing a normal record at that point though - if you were using MP3s through FS, you'd have to wait for FS to load etc.

I suppose there are 2 main lessons from that though...

- don't let spanners into your dj box
- charge the batteries in your laptop before playing a gig!

Overall I was impressed,  although I don't have a copy and to be honest I think I'd prefer to have a decent cd deck...

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I've never used Final Scratch or anything, but Richie Hawtin's become a total master of it. Over the last year or so of using it, his style's changed to take advantage of all these stupid tricks he can now do. He just flies through tunes like nobody's business (like a minute or so of each tune max), and drops all sorts of mad bits and pieces over the top.

While playing the ruffest techno set I've heard him do for a couple of years, he thumped "You spin me round round baby, right round, like a record baby, round round round round!" over the top. He wouldn't have bothered with that in his pre-Final Scratch days.

I want a go with it. Sounds like lots of fun to me! big_smile

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Re: Final Scratch- feedback please

Jonathan, the laptop runs a version of Linux and is rock solid and crash free.

Now, Pure Science in Fabric room 2 with an ageing G3 laptop and just a copy of Reason and Kontakt... now that takes some balls... but be pulls it off, whipping the entire room into a techno frenzy, and trusts his computer so much that he doesnt even have a record on the deck in case of a crash.

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