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thought i'd try before i buy  roll

work this afternoon is certainly gonna be interesting  :twisted:  lol

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:roll  :laugh  :roll

wrongness in barbican

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Oh my God.

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Ive repositioned my desk to the 1st (Pauls) floor.

Im gonna keep asking him to go and get files and things for me...

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Please save me some good, useful tips for dealing with work on the 11th November!

So, what do you wanna do?

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roll Oh dear indeed.

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Outrageous !

This is the problem with the economy today - the city of London takes monkies for lunch .


Oh well if you're not satisfied with the goods..................................


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When the rumours start to surface that someone's dancing through the halls and bouncing around in the elevator... I guess you'll know that someone is 'feeling it'. :roll

You are a brave one, Plebmeister...

Sioux big_smile


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*shaking head in disbelief*

one of my friends once dropped acid while watching the school play.

the less said about that the better though.


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Take the afternoon off and go to the zoo!  8)

Funky Dung

"It's in the saaand"

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Hats off to you mate  :?  :?  :?

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It's wrong o'clock.
Just got a text from Khan...

"Celebrating how us movie types celebrate good news".

Chop, chop.

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Its bad enough in front of your parents. But in front of your work colleagues!!!!! Fair play.

Prog God

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this all makes my drinking blue aftershock at lunch seem very lame...and very unproductive

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Fair Play indeed

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I didn't even get time for a lunch break today and Pleb is trying out merchandise..... I have now decided I need a better job.
Anyone need a PA???

" It must have been the brown jumper..."