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As the name suggests its a beta at the moment, meaning its not quite finished, have a listen, let us know what you think etc

Cheers All

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For some strange reason, you have to click on it twice, then it werks...

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I was listenin at first and thought I would be disappointed (sorry)  but then the bassline dropped and I was like....awwwww yea! big_smile  It's dark n nasty...just like i like it.  Very nice IMO smile

love never fails.

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Dark and Nasty? Ooh, thank you  big_smile

Anyone else??

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I still haven't managed to listen to the mixes yet properly Simon, it was a bit of a lost weekend.
I do apologise, will make sure I do this week.

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No probs mate. I got the whole week off so its time I started thinking up some more.

The tracklistings for both CD`s are.


1. Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (Tiesto mix)
2. BT and Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tilt dub)
3. Sasha - Rabbitweed
4. Satoshi Tomie - Love In Traffic
5. Bedrock - Beautiful Strange
6. Sasha - Xpander
7. Bluefish - One
8. BT - Dreaming (album version)
9. Aria - One


1. Chemical Brothers - Out of Control (Sasha Instrumental)
2. Mike G - Avatar
3. Yunus - Ways of Life
4. Perfecto - Not Over Yet (Breeder mix)
5. Schmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Bedrock dub)
6. Max Graham - Bar None
7. Sasha and James Holden - Bloodlock
8. Way Out West - UB Devoid (Junkie XL mix)
9. James Holden - One For You (Altitude mix)
10. BT and PVD - Namastai
11. BT - Satellite

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smile bump!!  smile

Come on peeps. Need more feedback to this track - puurr-lease!!!

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I like it.

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Hi Simon,

overall an appealing feel to it. Agreed with above about the bass, nice when it kicks in, but I would've liked you to capitalize on that feeling - maybe make the tune "growl" a little more before you brought in the light synth. The pad could maybe use some more dynamics, rather than the same loop throughout the tune, a filter or two would keep it moving. Also, perhaps, a complementary arp with the pad to maintain interest and flow. I was a little at odds with the "sweet and sour" flavour of the track, some bits were very sweet and other bits were very pretty, and it felt like too abrupt a transition from one to the other. These comments are a lot of personal taste so if you don't agree it's all good. Hopefully some constructive stuff to think about - and as you pointed out, it was a beta version after all  big_smile