Topic: its nearly over..

that day at work when you havent been to hour left..christ this is hell

Re: its nearly over..

and then we get to do it all again at the Beach :!:
wahoo :!:  :twisted:
COME ON ME SON.......LIKE :!:  :twisted:

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god i need a spliff

fecking bouncers took mine (again) last night  :evil:

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Xeb - How good is a bifta in a club.........I fecking luv a chuff on the dancefloor as you look around and see people trying to work out where the smells coming from :!:

Didn't get a chance to take one in last nite though  :cry:

goner get mashed tonight though lol

Re: its nearly over..

i had four beautiful pure skunk pre-rolled joints...

lit up the first, had about one puff and got nabbed by a bouncer  sad

while he was leading me off i dropped the others...  and then he took me about 5 metres further and proceeded to give me a warning... dind't take me off to search me...  and some other cant nabbed me spliffs from the floor while this was going on and wasn't a decent enough person to give em back when i came back (was only a few metres away so they would've seen the whole thing)...
thats just plain rude and shows a severe lack of clubbing ethics...
i would've been so happy to get them back i would've given them one too sad

moral of the story... always leave one in the jacket pocket for afters... it was my customary spliff in trafalgar square waiting for the night bus that i missed the most sad

Re: its nearly over..

Leaving the office now.  That makes a depressing ten hours.
Though saying of solid work would be pushing it a little bit...

So, what do you wanna do?