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29-09-2002 Erick Morillo & Pete Tong live @ Shindig, Newcastle

06-10-2002 JOHN DIGWEED

27-10-2002 FC Kahuna & Pete Tong live @ The Bomb

03-11-2002 Groove Armada

10-11-2002 Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath

17-11-2002 John Kelly & Daniel Kelly

24-11-2002 Seb Fontaine & Junkie XL live @ Colours

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Digweed's set is going to be recorded from this Thursdays Bedrock (4th birthday partaaaay) and aired on the Essential Mix on Saturday.
I am staying in next Saturday night with some beer.
Happy days.

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Just ordered myself a whopping 80GB Harddrive so I can start recording the EMs again smile Got a 40gig but its CRAMMED!!!!

John Digweed you say? Shall be looking forward to that...

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Digweed, G Armada as well as Sven Vath? Delicious!

Pete Tong? :roll

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"Richie Hawtin and Sven Vath"


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Richie Hawtin will be good, so long as he doesn't play dull techno.  Sven Vath is an idiot!  Told him so to his face.  Trust me, Sven is extremely big headed and doesn't really get on with English too well.

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i'm sure i heard someone else advertised for this weekend... in fact it was Pete Tong, possibly live from Ireland?


lets hope not

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Ah there you are captain Begg... you'll be far too messy once I've finished with you to be worrying about essential mixes... see you in the A/deen eye and tooth clinic...

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Sven Vath is a hell of weird bloke and as long as he keeps his mix nice & tight who cares about the rest?