Topic: Sasha in Denver this Thursday

Once again, how many peeps are going to this one?  I can't wait, :shock:
This is going to be sweet, and i do mean totally fuking awesome!  Even better than ninjas, but not by much!

PS: Why does this site refer to me as a Bedrock virgin?  I went to every Bedrock in Brighton between october and july?  And several before that!  Weird!

Re: Sasha in Denver this Thursday

You're a Bedrock Virgin until you reach a certain number of posts.   wink

Not quite sure if I'm going on Thursday (keep going back and forth) - don't mean to be negative, but I don't think it's going to be that great, for various reasons most of which lie in the fact that it's going to be at The Church...

Re: Sasha in Denver this Thursday

I'm itchin' to go.  I'll know for sure Thursday. lol

Re: Sasha in Denver this Thursday

hell, i booked tickets in advance!  I'm so fucking pumped for this one.  Screw the fact that it's at the Church.  It could be at Rock Island for all i care, i'd still go!