Topic: Address to send ORIGINAL TRACKS

hey guys!

i'm wondering what address of BEDROCK LABEL do  i have to send my original track, either in UK or anywhere...
any info is highly appreciated...


Re: Address to send ORIGINAL TRACKS

hmm ive asked this question before mate and ive now got 1for there record label in some industrial estate and two different po box ones so all i can say is be careful when sending stuff make sure you have the right addy before sending it and...
MOST IMPORTANTLY...send yourself a copy of yor stuff to your self and leave it unopened(this will give you automatic copyright of the material)
there is a address on the reactionsheets of the tps for the label(this is your best bet and will get to john)
ring em up first  though mate
and good luck!

Re: Address to send ORIGINAL TRACKS

do yourself a favor and give it to the dj's that float this board to check out reactions b4 you go blagging it to diggers, im sure he gets a few hundred a week.

if you beg him, phil thiompson is gentleman , and he might be courteous enough to give it a listen.

if not, newland, xeb, me, pleb, majortom, and many more all spin.

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