Topic: Hello fellow Diggers, electronic music lovers and tech heads

August 6-7 Sonic 6 Year Anniversary Event
Sonic (IE/LA) - Multi-Platform Virtua DJ's Lennox and Polynesian Fury. Original music live on Nuendo, Reason, Ableton, and Traktor. DJ's Spectre, Odin, & Malaysia. Also from D-Zyne Studios, "Liquid Skyscreen". Featuring ART (Artificial Reactive Technology). 3D graphics projected on a huge 20' x 50' screen. LSDJ Engineering - builders of innovative sound systems.
Outdoor event, camping fully permitted. Free.

We are a group of musicians, artists, and DJ's that are innovating the outdoor gathering scene to greater levels by state of the art CPU technology, incorporating live musical performances via loop & sample based music production software with video & graphics imaging created by ourselves. The majority of our events are set in the San Bernardino County forest area toward Big Bear in Angelus Oaks. Sonic has a permanent location that has the dance area surrounded by wilderness, an amazing view of the county at night time, as well as a spectacular view of the stars. Promoting technology and its gift of electronic music since August 9, 1999.
Given to the people for free because if you're willing to spend the time and energy to come see us you shouldn't have to pay money on top of it. Donations are accepted to continue providing and expanding our performances in the future.
More information about the group and show to be announced shortly. Thanks for spending the time to read this.
Most of the information for the event as far as being informed will most likely be posted on this profile, but for a second source you can go to the above website for info on the event and also as an alternative for possibly newer information.

To know more about what the group and I are about go to and read my profile here in this forum at:

If your reading this and your not a member of the forum contact me at my e-mail address in this forum. If the forum doesn't let you mail the address it's Even though the event is in Southern California were interested to talking to people/businesses/and other organizations that are into computer technology (computers themselves as well as software generated visuals and designs), electronic music (this also applies to DJs that spin QUALITY electronic music), and also the production aspect of electronic music. The group is underground and we are trying to expand our organization by finding people/businesses/and other organizations that will support our cause by promotion and sponsorship.

Information about my own musical interest styles are Progressive, Acid, Psychedelic Trance, Trance, Breaks, Techno, and House for the electronic side. I'm also into Pet Shop Boys, New Order, The Pretenders, The Cure, Blondie, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, RHCP, and Anything Box for New Wave. For Rock I am into Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Led Zeplin, and Pink Floyd. I also listen to some oldies frequently. I have been listening to music since 5 years of age mostly to synth-pop/European Dance at that time. Currently my musical tastes are eclectic while also being strict on whether the music is of only of high quality production.

Current Bedrock titles I own right now on wax/12" are: Bed 3, 11, 17 (2 copies), 25 (2 copies), 32, 42R, 45R, 46, 48, CD/LP2, MM II 02, BS 1001A(CD)/EP. Current Black titles I own right now on wax/12" are: Black 2, 3 (2 copies), 4, 5 (2 copies). Trying to collect  everything from Bedrock whether it's a from the sublabels, advanced release, or compilation. Strictly vinyl.

I have been listening to quality electronic music for 4 years, collecting records since the Summer of 2002, and producing on Cakewalks' Fruity Loops and Sonic Foundry's Acid 4.0 since Fall of 2004. I have 8 tracks to be completed, mastered, and copyrighted until further being released (hopefully to Platipus or possibly Sonics' own label in the future!). I recently have give or take 140 records in my Odyssey CLP200P & KLT070 boxes and 100+ in CDs. I currently have a customized CPU with a DFI AK75-EC motherboard (ATA100) running at 1.9 GHz over clocked with an AMD Athlon XP 1600 processor and a 80 GB 7200rpm 2mb cache Maxtor HD OS Windows XP Pro nothing special but I'll later be upgrading to MSI's NEO-FIS2R motherboard w/ a 3.0 GHz AMD Athlon 64 processor and 2 Maxtor Serial ATA150 RAID 80GB 10,000rpm 8mb cache Hard drives for Steinberg and Propellerhead products. The new CPU that I was going to build will be replaced by the newer Serial 2 ATA in the first four months in 2005. The new PC will still have an MSI motherboard (the GHz I don't really know since Serial 2 boards are not out at the moment), sticking with and AMD but I don't know if I will staying with that processor or switching to an even better processor that AMD will most likely release then for Serial 2 boards, and I also will still go with 2 Maxtor Hard drives, but as well as the other components I am unsure about whether to stay with a 80GB 10,000rpm 8mb cache Hard drive (Serial 2 then, of course), or go with whatever they present thats better. I am the newest addition to Sonic as of Winter 2004 in 4 years.

Eternal thanks & gratitude to DJ Lennox for putting me where I am today, making the greater challenges in life seem less devastating, and encouraging me to stay alive.

Malaysia-It's where I was born plus it symbolizes the name of a more advanced/groundbreaking artist in the electronic scene i.e. Humate. It also reminds me of my roots and to not take music and life in general for granted. No respect in selling out because there's more to music than just money the music itself is what represents the individual who created it.