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....your ar$es get wiped at Fantasy Football, I mean.

My midfielders and forwards are scoring for fun. My defenders and goalie are keeping clean sheets. Can't we play for money?

2 goals for Riise this year already.

Inamoto scores a hattrick this week.

Ruud scores for Utd.

I have one hand on the coveted winners golden sheepskin jacket already.

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Funks, seeing as your team is doing so well its a good job that you are not playing for money, because you have to actually pay to enter, not just keep promising you will... 

"Never trust a man who, when alone in a room, doesnt try on a tea cosy"<i></i>

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the name "tonic wine" does not imply health giving or medicinal properties

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want to believe this is true!...



These are taken from original Rainbow scripts.

The sketch opens with Zippy peeling a banana.....

Zippy: " One skin, two skin, three skin, four "

George: " Zippy, where is Bungle?"

Zippy: " I think Geoffrey is trying to get him up"

We see a view of the door and hear Bungle moaning from behind it.

Bungle: " Geoffrey, I can't get it in"

Geoffrey: "You managed it last night"

Bungle: "I know, lets try it round the Otherway. Ooooooh, I've got it in"

Bungle and Geoffrey enter the studio with Bungle carrying a hammer and peg kit

Bungle: " Would you stick this on the shelf, George"

George: " I can't reach, you'll have to stick it up yourself, Bungle."

Geoffrey (to camera) " Hello everyone, today we are talking about playing"

Bungle: " Playing with each other, Geoffrey?"

Geoffrey:" Yes Bungle, do you have a special friend that you like to play with?"

George:" Yesterday we played with each other's balls. Are we going to play

with our friend's balls today?

Bungle: " Yes, and we can play with our twangers as well."

Geoffrey (to camera) Have you seen Bungles twanger?

Zippy:"Oh I have, I showed him how to pluck with it."

Bungle: " It's my plucking instrument."

Geoffrey asks the audience if they can pluck like Bungle

Zippy:" I can, I'm the best plucker here."

George;" And I'm good at banging. My peg's hard isn't it Zippy?

Zippy:" Well of course it is, Your peg wouldn't go in if it was soft."

Geoffrey;" Let's get back to Bungle's twanger."

Bungl! e (exc ited) " Oooooh Geoffrey, we could all play with our twangers

couldn't we? Let's play the plucking song. Rod and Freddy can get their

instruments out and Jane has got two lovely Maracas."

Singers Rod, Freddy and Jane enter.

Freddy:" We could hear you all banging away"

Rod: " Banging can be fun."

Jane:" Ooooh yes, and I was banging away all last night with Rod and


Freddy ( looking sad ) " Yes, but it broke my plucking instrument."

Rod ( to Jane ) " Do you want to blow on my pipe while I'm twanging away?"

Jane: " Oh no, I was banging away with Freddy last night. But would you like to play with my maracas?

Zippy; " No, let's just pluck away with our twangers."

George:" Yes, it doesn't matter what size our twanger is."

Zippy;" I've got a big red one." George: " I've only got a tiny twanger.

But it works well and I like to play with it."

Geoffrey (to viewers) " Well, have you got your twangers out? And reme! mber, you can bang your balls at the same

time. If you haven't got any, ask a friend if you can play with his. Now,let's all play the plucking song."

Everyone in studio: " Pluck, pluck, pluck along, we're going to pluck all day."

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Jane had a nice piece.

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yeah Janes arse was ripe......

Hadders, do you have a copy of my login number for the Fantasy League??  Moving house at the mo and have lost those bits of info!!


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What's your email mate?