Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

Best team name so far, by a country mile, goes to Jon Fay.

Matt Hadfield &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bedrock Sharks

Simon Needler  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Red eye Knights

Leon O'Reilly  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Austin Leeds United

Andy Newland &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp IHF Allstars

Tom Kellett  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Major Tom's Mob

Pat Goodall  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Joe Cole's Undercrackers

Steve Allen  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Coded   

Barry Rowing  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Little Bazza's Bruising Battlers 

Shaun Strudwick  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp BIGASSBASSBOYXI

Tom Duncan  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bensonsbeasties

Jon Hadfield  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Rug Munchers

Joe Marsh  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The Electric Baboons

Mind Space  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Battersea High

Dan Elliott  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Blue Tomorrow

Rob Bennett  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bennetts Battlers

Colin Cooper  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sparta Colliers Wood

Tim Seddon  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Tims Tyrants

Peter Reilly  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Reilly FC

Esther Loveday  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Esthers Evil Eleven (3 e's)

Paul Evans  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Paul's Supersonics

Chris Kells  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Kells's Nipples

Jo Edwards  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Inter Spooner

Faye Davies  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Faye's Fancies

Scott Harrison  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Gotnohope Utd

Simon Bogle  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bogles Badbwoys

Giles Smith  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Home Goal

Nicola Morgan  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Team Morgan

Hardeep Dhillon  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Deepsville

Duncan Tibbitts  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp El Funky's Monkeys

Gary Partridge  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bexley Boyz

Michael Mulville  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp We are crap

Lee Galloway  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Oakie is my Lover 

Chad Troja  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp MISTFITS

Chris King  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Xollobollox

Jon Fay&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp              Inter Mi


Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

How does the scoring system work?

Would a player get extra marks for man of the match?

get points deducted for a card?

If a goaly lets in goals...i take it his rating goes down....but what about the defenders... 

say I get a brum defender in my team and they loose 3-1...would the whole back 4 of b,ham get bad points?

Cheers, not long now 


Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

If a defender concedes a goal, he won't make any points.

If a defender concedes 2 goals, he loses apoint, 3 goals he loses two points and so on.

Clean sheet he gains three points.

Any scorer gains three points.

Any assist and the player gains two points.

No points for Man of the Match, I'm afraid.

Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

Last chances to enter (starts Saturday).


Re: BBC Fantasy Football.


Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

Gonna lose, the lot of ya !


When in doubt, 'ave a Stella !

Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

Hadders, heres my email,

Could you send me my login number??


Let the battles commence.


Red Eye Knights

Champions 2002/03 Bedrock League.....

Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

I sent it yesterday.

Simon Needler?

Re: BBC Fantasy Football.

Just found it cheers!!