Topic: 26 03 2005 Show?

I've followed the Kiss 100 links to John Digweed's latest show (25 March 05) and all I get is some hardcore DnB crazy mix.  I assume this is a broken link on Kiss100s part - Can anyone tell me what link/DJ John's latest show is under?


Re: 26 03 2005 Show?

Did you try the kiss replay player or look on soulseek for the new kiss sets.

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Re: 26 03 2005 Show?

Cheers for responding to this, I really want to listen to the part 2 of his Toyko set.

I normally just listen to the shows directly from the website.  Just checked again and i'm still getting the D n B mix.  Tres frustrating.

Are there any other websites you can listen to the show from? sad  sad  sad

Re: 26 03 2005 Show?

I noticed a while back that when you do the replay thing on kiss 100 that it starts from exactly on the hour so it's possible the Dj Hype or whomever set for that week went over the hour mark, listen to it past there and I guess it should be right, sorry for the late reply, too late to hear that mix anymore :oops: