Topic: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Hallo boys, hallo girls......c'est ce bon!!!! (good @#%$ in french according to the 2 greek pirate barmen!!)

Crete is lovely, have spent my first week absolutely hammered. Passed out on the floor between the beds in our room the other day...tequila is bad mmmkay!!!

Food is lovely...greek people are lovely and greek men are very very fit!!!!

Am missing you all...hope you all have fun at Garnier and see you when I get back!!



Ps. Tip for the day...don't shag on the beach.....bloody sand !!!!   

'Lets have a game of basketball....without a ball and without the baskets....'

Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Hello love - sounds like you're having much more fun than us! (Well, than me anyway!)

Will miss you on Thursday and Saturday nights but I'm sure we'll do our best to have a great time 

See you soon...

T xx

Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Hey babe!!!

How U doin??

Been shagging you dirtbird???

Glad you are having a nice time - we'll miss ya Saturday.

Be safe and sexy.....


Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

...what is it that greek men are (supposed ) to say!?

something like "women are for making are for sex....."   

..its all greek to me!

" In the land of the blind.......the one eyed man is king.........."<i></i>

Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Hey babe.

Got a tan or been to busy doing otherthings   See you when you get back

Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Expect you to bring back lots of lovely photos for us to all giggle at (or swoon over).

See you soon,

Can't believe Pickles won't be joining us for Garnier   

" It must have been the brown jumper..."


Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

Hey Guido... she doesn't want any of your gyros~!   


Re: Greetings from Crete~!!!

u can't keep a good greek down

we do have our uses sometimees you know