Topic: Pete Tong, Defected, Renaissance, Southern Fried

Hey guys,

As requested, we have taken the time to work through the hundreds of new releases in the world of Dance Music this week and have picked the hottest tracks that we think will rock this weekend.

These tracks have been killing dance floors for the biggest name DJs in the world for the past few weeks. The best part about our new releases is that a lot of the labels and artists can't be found anywhere else!

Click on the following link to see our pics of the top releases and to get one song for free:

Please let us know your thoughts. If you guys like more progressive / electro / tech sounds we can focus on those in the future. We just want to help spread the music and help you guys find more great tracks. smile

New Releases: $1.98 USD
Back Cat: $1.48 USD

Have a great day!


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