Topic: Need opinion on my track ( Progressive House/Melodic )

Hello People!
I've been making music for 7 years now and I never tried to get a release, now i think my level got to the point when its time for one...
Now a little bit about myself. I'm 21 years old man, who lives in Estonia but my nationality is russian. I love my country but I didn't forgot about my roots, even because i was born here and lived here for all of my life. I was studying in London for about 1 and half years and lived alone in my apartment at Queensway Street. And I got very good opinion about UK people, they are my favorite nation after russians and estonians (i love swedish girls aswell big_smile).
Anyway if you have time, please listen and tell me what you think of this track and maybe I'll give some more links on my stuff.
Thank you for reading... Alexander Fursa

Re: Need opinion on my track ( Progressive House/Melodic )

Not bad mate.

I would say that you are at the point where you may be able to release your tracks. smile  <---The World's best download store for hard to find labels and artist