Topic: PlayItTonight 4.0 launched! New features, more music & Bedrock trax

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Play It Tonight 4.0 ( to the Bedrock community! We listened carefully to your feedback/requests and implemented the majority of your awesome ideas. The site features an entirely new look and a bunch of new features that are a first in the industry.

Here's an outline of the new features:

This is our most requested new feature! In your crate, you can now move tracks over to your "Wishlist". This means that you can buy a certain number of tracks and keep possible future tracks in your wishlist. Move tracks back and forth whenever you want. Not sure you want to buy something this week? No problem! Move it to your wishlist so you can come back to it later. Need one track today? You can do that now! You don't have to delete all the songs in your crate to buy one song, just move them to your wishlist, and buy the song(s) you want today.

This exciting new feature allows you to add your favorite labels and artist to your "My Favorites" section. When you log in to Play It Tonight, there is an indicator showing you if there are any new releases from your favorite artists and labels. Clicking on this link takes to you a page where you see all the new tracks. You can add up to 4,000 labels and artists to your Faves. You can even get email notifications when there is a new track from one of your favorite artists / labels saving you time in browsing the site.

Play It Tonight has designed software to recommend music to you based on your preview and purchase history. Click on the "Recommended Tracks" button to view the tracks we think you'll enjoy.

At the bottom of Top 10's, Top 100's and Genre pages is a new button that reads "Play All." By clicking on this button, the player will play EVERY song on that page, in the order that they are displayed. Sit back and enjoy the music. Hear something you like? Click on the "Buy" button in the player and that track will be added to your crate, and the music will keep on playing.

There is a new button at the bottom of each Top Downloads list where you can view not just the top 10 most recently downloaded tracks, but the top 100!. This can be seen on every genre, every label and every artist.

Now you can view your favorite labels in a whole new light. The label landing pages showcase the 6 most recent releases, with the new option to view all label tracks, or all label albums. The top 10 downloads features a link to see the label's top 100 downloads. A link to "Add To Your Faves" is on every label page as well.

Now you can view your favorite artists picture & bio, along with their best selling tracks, along with the new feature of viewing all their tracks at once, or all their albums at once. A link to "Add To Your Faves" is on every artist page as well.

There is a newly designed charts section with charts from Big name DJ's.

The new labels page lists the best selling labels, both as a whole, and for each letter of the alphabet.

The new artists page lists the best selling artists, both as a whole, and for each letter of the alphabet.

The new genre landing pages showcase the best selling labels and artists within that genre, along with the top 10 downloads and a link to view the top 100.

Play It Tonight 4.0 is a major upgrade from the last version. We listened carefully to your feedback and implemented a lot of your ideas. Enjoy the new site, you helped build it!

Please let us know your thoughts!

~Sean @  <---The World's best download store for hard to find labels and artist