Topic: MAXIMAL presents Perfected - Returns To The Cross!

MAXIMAL presents Perfected

J-Me* (Ableton / M-Audio)
Chris Salt (Electronic Sessions)
Chris Jones (Mimo)
KNL (Perfected)
Kriess Guyte (Perfected)

MAXIMAL presents Diverted[/size]

Stu Hinge (Diverted)
DJ Roo (HatClub)
Henry Burrows (HatClub)
Jim Norman (Diverted)

MAXIMAL presents MIMO[/size]

Aaron Ashley
Sam Cherry
MisMatch Dj's

After a glorious debut in London at none other than the world famous Cross venue, Perfected is riding high and returning with another event that is sure to build upon the past and ignite the Cross on October 19th!

The previous event was hailed a huge success, with highlight sets by a very busy Paul Woolford, who flew back from Ibiza to grace us with his globe-trotting sound, and Mistress de Funk who showed us why she is the Queen of the dance floor. Resident duo KNL and solo electronica maestro Kriess Guyte also demonstrated their mastery of the craft with superb sets that impressed all.

Once again looking to provide the very best in cutting edge, forward thinking Electronica, the minds behind Perfected have enlisted the services of two top class International DJ talents to drive the message of quality dance music home.

Chris Salt is a man who has made a huge impact on the progressive house scene over the past few years. He scored his first record deal back in 2003 and has since had many massive tracks, remixes and compilations released, all too high acclaim. His break through single