Topic: Bedrock - Moonface (2001) Need help to id track please

Hi guys,really need your help.
Since 2000 i'm looking for a name of a progressive track which i heard once in a set,from the style i can't really say which artist it reminds me,one thing i can say that this track included a vocal sample from "Propaganda - Dream Within A Dream" as through the whole track there's a female voice says "all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream".
The thing is,that on this Moonface mix cd there's track #6 that very sounds alike the track i'm after,and from knowing the artist name of track#6 i probably come out with the track title of the one i'm looking for eventually.But the problem is that there's no track list of this release.
I don't know but maybe this Bedrock double cd wasn't officially release,cause it's not even appear in
So please,if someone can help with a track list of this double bedrock release or someone could recognize the track i'm looking for,let me know.
Thanx a lot in advance.

Here's a sample of track 6 on the cd1.

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Re: Bedrock - Moonface (2001) Need help to id track please

Samneric - Crazed Cello