Topic: Music V2 DJ Competition Finals

I'm in the Music V2 Dj Competition.
Lazerick "USA Vs "UK" DJ Cush

Its been going on for the past 8 weeks,
Its now the final.

I'm up against a USA DJ on a USA website.
So you can imagine how many of his homies are voting,
Its now about talents anymore, the mixes havent even been getting listened too.

I'm hoping that us brits can come together & vote U.K,
Its a real fast process,
The whole process to vote only takes a Maximum of 4 minutes.

To Register simply click on this link

and choose the 100% free account on the right hand side,

Once registered please goto this link,

And vote for "Media 2"


*Voting ends Sunday 19th October*

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Re: Music V2 DJ Competition Finals

nice one...your Paul's mate from Come Up?

Muzika Dan@Ukiyo Dublin 24-5-14 by Dan (High-Soul Society) … 14/s-cmShA

Re: Music V2 DJ Competition Finals

Thats me...