Topic: Deep/Tech/Progressive Mix to download

Shameless re-post in the correct forum! Done a new mix, it's around 2.5 hours and as you can see it's a mixture of old (the first 4 tracks are the intro to a mix I started ages ago and never finished!) and new, an up-to-date take on a Bedrock classic with an absolute favourite that still sounds great today after nearly 15 years to finish things off. Tracklist below, all feedback welcome.

1) Djuma Soundsystem- Les Djinns - Trentemoller Remix
2) Trick & Kubic- Easy- Niekisch & Hermann Dub
3) Filterheadz- Blue Sky Happiness - Filterheadz' No Clouds Remix
4) John Shelvin, Astrid Suryanto-     Inbetween - Chab Remix
5) Trentemoller-     Serenetti - James Teej's Late Nite Soul Mix
6) El Farouki- Cigue
7) Stan Kolev- Reversed Requencies - Medway Remix
8) Lexicon Avenue- Pursuit - Jim Rivers Remix
9) Alex Dolby- Long Beach
10) Hernan Cattaneo, John Tonks- Anime - Rocco Main Mix
11) Scope- That Deep Track
12) Astrid Suryanto- Distant Bar