Topic: Good times Disco mix for download. This will make you smile.

Gristy's Disco Mix
Winter is nearly over. Put this on & smile. It'll make you feel warm inside. I promise.
Don't call it nu-disco. Even though it might be.

DOWNLOAD NOW: … 60kpbs.mp3 (right-click and save as)

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The Joubert Singers - 'STAND ON THE WORD' (Tirk)
The Joubert Singers - 'STAND ON THE WORD' (Hot Coins Remix) (Tirk)
2. Red Rack'em presents Hot Coins - 'VALIANT TRUTH' (Tirk)
Hercules and Love Affair - 'HERCULES THEME' (DFA)
3. Ilija Rudman - 'DANCE DISORDER' (Faze Action Remix) (Bear Funk)
4. Friendly Fires - 'PARIS' (Aeroplane Remix featuring Au Revoir Simone) (XL)
5. Kenneth Bager - 'FRAGMENT TWO (THE FIRST PICTURE)' (Jesse Rose Remix) (Music For Dreams)
6. Chaz Jankel - 'GLAD TO KNOW YOU' (Todd Terje re-edit) (Tirk)
7. Todd Terje - 'EURODANS' (Full Pupp)
8. Erik Rug featuring Dynamax (Of The Zulu Nation) - 'TRIBUTE TO MY PEOPLE' (Les Disques Du Telegraphe)
Diskjokke - 'STAYING IN' (Small Town Supersound)
9. Wax Stag - 'AND HOW' (People In The Sky)
10. Cut Copy - 'HEARTS ON FIRE' (Interscope)
11. The Beach Boys - 'GOD ONLY KNOWS' (Aeroplane re-edit) (White)
12. Lifelike & Kris Menace - 'DISCOPOLIS' (Vulture)
13. The Whitest Boy Alive - 'GOLDEN AGE' (Fred Falke Mix) (Modular)
14. Hot Chip - 'MY PIANO' (!K7)
15. Electronic - 'GETTING AWAY WITH IT' (Factory)
16. Sebastien Tellier - 'LA RITOURNELLE' (Jake Bullit Edit) (Lucky Number)
17. Grace Jones - 'WILLIAMS BLOOD' (Aeroplane Remix) (Wall of Sound)
18. Portasound - 'ABC' (Unsigned)
19. MGMT - 'TIME TO PRETEND' (Columbia)

January 2009, 1hrs 12mins 53secs

Kristian Wilson of Nintendo in 1989:
"Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if pac-man affected us as kids we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

Re: Good times Disco mix for download. This will make you smile.

Loved this mix!

Keep up the good vibe smile