Topic: Nightshades on w/Kris B, Hector Lopez (Wed Mar 4 09)

Kris B, Hector Lopez on Nightshade Music -
progressive channnel - Wed, March 3rd 2009 (7-9pm GMT, 1-3pm CST)

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Join us this Wednesday for the latest installment of Nighthshade Music
on's progressive channel.  This month, our guest
mix comes from Hector Lopez (Argentina).  Hector's remixes (along with production partner Pitt Larsen) will be fatured on upcoming
Nightshade releases, Hector has also been helping with Nightshade's South American promotions, and brought talented artist Camilo to our label.
Camilo's remix of Ben Brown 'Tuesday Night Heroes' is out now on Nightshade Music, the Camilo remix of M&D Substance 'Organist' comes out on Beatport March 10th.

Host Kris B mixes the label set this month, featuring Nightshade artists and upcoming releases.  Featured this month: Logiztik Sounds, Zack Marullo, Kris B, Nosmo, 3kStatic, Panos, Python, Jairus Miller and Andrew K, all with releases available now, or coming soon to Nightshade Music.

For full track listings, please tune in to the show, and join us in the show forum:  Please leave feedback about the show, dirty jokes, racy pics, and inquiries about anything.  Sets are archived and linked via our website, Facebook and Myspace.  Some great past sets in there, and guest mixes from Desyn Masiello, Paul Harris, Pako & Frederik, Dirt Crew, Thomas Gold and many more.

Download/listen last month's mix:
Kris B- Nightshade Music-
1.  Zack Marullo - See The Life - Nightshade Music
2.  Steve Mill - Equilize It (Fusion F & Come T remix) - Mashtronic
3.  Derek Howell - Evening Stroll (Yura Popov remix) - Polytechnic Recordings
4.  Plicherss - Synthetic Sea (Nosmo v Kris B remix) - Giant Squid Recordings
5.  Camiel Daamen - For Fleuro (Francesco Pico remix) - Magnitude Recordings
6.  Jazz Robot feat. JC Lately - Kickback (Sandro remix) - Corrupted Records
7.  Deep Future - Distance Love - Nightshade Music
8.  Josel & Pedro - Sapphire (Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Duarte remix) - Polytechnic Recordings
9.  Slytek - Opal - Standby Records
10. Gesiete - The Prestige (Brahian LC remix) - Bit Records
11. Lonestar - Lonestar 4 (Python remix version 1) - Polytechnic Recordings
12. Nosmo - Dark Matter (Callum B Sky Dub) - Baroque Digital
13. Soulfinder - Stereo Poems (Dima SWED remix) - Monad Music
14. Oliver Morgenroth - Care (Xplore Tidy mix) - Jetlag Digital

Liluca (guest mix)- Nightshade Music- - *tracklist

also available free at itunes (search for Kris B or Nosmo)

Nightshade Music on (progressive channel) 1st Wednesdays 7-9pm GMT (1-3pm CST)
The Influence on, 3rd Thursdays 3-5pm GMT (9-11am CST)

Out now on Nightshade Music:
Nosmo v Kris B - Jostrupine E.P. ('Jostle', 'Ostrich', 'Porcupine') - January 6th, Beatport exclusive
Ben Brown & Nick Stoynoff - 'S.K.O.Chicago vol. 1' (Yura Popov, Mike Kiraly, The Flyers, Deep Future, Stacey Shergold mixes) Beatport Feb 3rd
Nosmo v Kris B & Ben Brown - 'La Cocina pt. 2' (Liluca, Mazi, Andrew K, Banx, K Loud, Bedlam Knights mixes) Beatport Feb 17th

coming soon:
M&D Substance - 'Organist' (Kris B v Nosmo, Camilo, Channel Surfer, Jason Killgore mixes) support: Dubfire, Sean Tyas, Eelke Kelijn -  Beatport March 10th
3kStatic - 'Projected Tones' remixed (Jeff Devas vs Jeff Varisco, Aaron Lee, Kris B v Nosmo mixes) Beatport March 24th

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