Topic: E.M.S. Mix Album Season 2.. DJs Luben & Descent..

Genres: House/Progressive House/Deep House/Tech-House

The `Electronic Melody Sessions` Album showcases some of the worlds best House DJs and the Worlds best House Music
but unlike most other mix albums the `E.M.S` series aims to showcase the best upcoming DJs 2.
There will be a new `E.M.S` Album released for each season of the year and each album will consist of two discs,
Each first disc will feature a mix from Luben and the second disc will feature a guest DJ Mix.
Here we are with `season 2` of the `Electronic Melody Sessions` series
after the greatest of starts regarding the first season, thanks to everyone of you.

This season we feature the very talented DJ that is `Descent` who a few of you may know from
doing past B2B sets with me, I have kept a close eye on this DJ and watched him progress over
the past few years and progressed he has!!
Ive watched him WoW crowds of people and then a few more over time and
thought he would make a great asset to the `E.M.S.` series.

You can find `Descent` doing his stuff on Disc 2 and as per usual you will find me doing the first disc..

I do hope you all enjoy!!!

Please feel more than free to comment as id love to know what YOU think of the series..

Luben ;-)

Electronic Melody Sessions - Season 2 - Disc 1 - Luben

Electronic Melody Sessions - Season 2 - Disc 2 - Descent