Topic: TERRA_Bola EP [018-HM Hype Muzik]**Out Now**

Is summer coming....lets hope so eh?.

Up next on our Hype Muzik imprint is the second release from japanese dj/producer Terra this is the funky tech edged sword entitled "Bola" complete with remixes from fellow Japanese DJ/Producer Yoshitaca (who also released his first ep on Hype Muzik at the end of 08) and from Serbia Scalameriya adds his own flavour with his remix.

Artist: TERRA
Title: BOLA EP
Mixes: Original // Yoshitaca Remix // Scalameriya's Nebenform Remix
Cat No: 018-HM
Release Date: April 24,2009

Beatport Link: … 13/bola_ep

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Re: TERRA_Bola EP [018-HM Hype Muzik]**Out Now**

Hype Muzik - Back Cat … ate%20DESC

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Re: TERRA_Bola EP [018-HM Hype Muzik]**Out Now**

MAY 09

01-Guy J-Lamour (Henry Saiz) Bedrock
02-Rob Curtis-Bakcheia (Dale Anderson Remix)Whose Haus
03-Guy Guerber-Sugar cane-Supplemet Facts
04-Marc Poppcke & Virginia -See my eyes (Sei a remix)
05-V/A -Natura Sonoris Compilation 2009
06-Wendy & Lisa-Fire regeneration (Daneel Remix)
07- Seiiza-Alma (Peter Grummich Remix)
08-One Of Them - Niko Its A Bad Dream (Gravity Pimps Remix)Fade
09- Nick Varon -Say No More
10-Neil Quigley-That Whole Thing
11-Dyed Soundroom-Aguacate-Supplement Facts
12-Paul Ritch-Split The Line - Dubfire
13-Clitter-Mr Flavour
14-Danny Bonnici-Crooked Fruit
15-Kriece - Zombie Funk(Martin Eyerer remix) Kindred_Sounds
16-Andy Chatterley & Clinton Brown -Solidarity-Forensic
17-Mark Duffin - Singular-Tango Recordings
**18-Terra_Bola -Hype Muzik**
19-Silinder_Mia [Nil By Mouth EP]-Stripped Recordings
20-Satoshi Fumi-Soner