Topic: Jimmy Van Malleghem - Live @ Mixworks Vol3 (24.06.1996)

Jimmy Van Malleghem - Live @ Mixworks Vol3 (24.06.1996)

I got a cassette of this form fucttup who sent it to me with a whole load of cassettes and mini discs that came from Jimmy's house. Some of them are labeled, some are not. Any way this is the first one I've ripped its 1 hour 40 Mins and really good. If anyone can ID any of the tracks please do. I would also be interested if anyone has Volume #2

01. Intro
02. ID
03. Nu Colours - Special Kind Of Lover
04. Visions - Coming Home
05. ID
06. ID
07. Tilt - My Spirit
08. Andy Ling - Calling Angels
09. ID Female Voc "We Worship You, We bring To, Our Liberation"
10. Slacker - Flying
11. Jellee Boufon - Hope (Hold My Hand)
12. ID
13. ID
14. Chakra - I Am (Digweed And Muir's Bedrock Mix)
15. ID Female Voc
16. ID

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