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Matt Black Progressive disko May mix … o-may-2009

1. The unsettled - 0724pm (Brusca remix) Pycairo
2. Federico Epis - Bahrein (Nomad in the dark V's Vagabond remix) Stripped records
3. Unknown - Unknown (Cdr)
4. Ad Brown - Chasing rainbows (Fris)
5. Mastercris - Follow me (Silinder remix) Bellarine
6. Unbroken - Connecta (Silinder remix) Segment records
7. Pryda - Reeperbahn (Pryda)
8. Claes Rosen - 80's (Nick Hook remix) Dumb recordings
9. James Stichbury - Avatar (Shaken republik)

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Nice 1 Matt smile

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Cheers Gav!

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sounding good......stop nicking my Tunes!


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