Topic: Mark Knight releases Toolroom Knights 2.0, out Monday 1st June.

Toolroom Knights mixed by Mark Knight 2.0

Release Date: 1st June 2009
Label: Toolroom Records

Mark Knight's much anticipated TOOLROOM KNIGHTS 2.0 mix compilation is due for release Monday 1st June. With 2 CD's packed full of exclusives and killer tracks, it's the perfect soundtrack for this summer.
There's a limited number of signed copies available to order in advance from...
Just when you think you know an artist, they creep up on you with something a little out of the ordinary and leave you scratching your head. Then you have Toolroom Knights Mixed by Mark Knight 2.0, which is less about stealth and rather a full on frontal attack that will hammer through any previous boundaries you may have created for the Toolroom Records chief. The result isn