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Behrouz: Played it (Original Mix) in San Fran last week and it sounded great!

Chris Fortier: Loving the Grossman mix!

Joeski: Cool package, will play..

Luke Fair: Original is the one for me..

Jody Wisternoff: Lovin the Grossman Space Dub!

Jevne: Scope goes BIG here!! Been playing the Original "Mission Control" for a while and it stirs up a frenzy on the dance floor!

Florian Kruse: frolicsome tracks mate!!! I really like the filtered hook sound!

Neil Quigley: Another solid track from Scope; the original and Art Patrice remix stand out for me.

Stan Kolev: main mix here!

Richard Earnshaw: Cool release.. Danny Stott mix is my personal favourite!

Da Funk: Ric's main mix for me!

balErik (Discoteca): Cheers, original is the best one I think, will play.

MrMr (Audio Tonic - Dubai): Love the release, especially your