Topic: Mirabilis 001 - Supported By Sanchez, Warren, Belocca, Wisternoff!!!




The first release on Mirabilis records comes from label head honchos Alex & Filip. With releases on labels like Big Love, Restart, Suesse, System and What Happens plus remixes for heavyweights like Mark Trophy, Warren Clarke, and Autophase under their belt Alex & Filip will be well know to many and are a name to watch in 2009 for sure!
Here Alex & Filip delivers something special and what is in their opinion their best work to date. Tell Me has a Balearic feel with crisp beats, a big bassline, a hooky melody and warm pads and features the vocal talents of Alec Sun Drae (Toolroom, Limbo, DSR). The guys also deliver a more peak time dub with a rolling bassline and a heavier groove.
On remix duties are the fast rising UK talents Autophase (Global Underground, Curfew) who deliver a proper big room mix while Jay Cox (Suesse, Polydor, Pop Pop) provides two mixes, both with his trademark throbbing bassline to go along with the rolling groove.


EELKE KLEIJN: Jay Cox dub for me! Too bad the original dub isn't just the original without vocals, 3/5

NICK WARREN: Autophase mix is frolicsome as is the original dub and jays dub also works very well, 5/5

BEHROUZ: the Dub and Jay Cox dub, will play them, 3/5

SARAH MAIN: frolicsome! 3/5

ROGER SANCHEZ: I will test! 4/5

ZIGMUND SLEZAK: Like the autophase mix best, 3/5

PETE GOODING: Not really doing much for me, 2/5

BELOCCA: I like the original, thanx! 4/5

EDDY GOOD: Like it! 3/5

MARC LEAF: Jay Cox mixes rock! 4/5

FILTHY RICH: Not really my bag but sure it will do well, 2/5

MATT DAREY: Good for Matt Darey's Nocturnal radio show, 3/5

MARK (ANJUNABEATS): Tell me Dub is top! 4/5

LEAMA: The Autophase dub mix is great and reminds me of the old tangerine dream track - love on a real treains,, and the original is a Lovely record,,, summer is coming Yayyyyyyy.


JODY WISTERNOFF: Like it, good job mate.

SEAMUS HAJI: Sounds frolicsome to me.

RENE AMESZ: Not for me, 1/5

TIM DAVISON: Nice groove to Jay's mix, will play. 3/5

DAVE WHELAN: Great track! 3/5

PHIL FAV: Will test! 3/5


STEVE PARRY: nice original track. dub is better for my dj sets 3/5


M.O.D.E.: Autophase dub is frolicsome! 3/5

MARK FANCIULLI: Great parts in this track, but the vocal doesn't really work, sit well in this track. 3/5

DJ PAULETTE: Deep - not really my thing. pleasant enough track but has no appeal to me club wise. 2/5

STEVE GRANT (Juice Fm): Superb release , something for everyone in here Will be giving full support. 5/5

OMIB 16B: Like the dub nice breakdown ...touching on the surface of trance without its predictable nature ...will support! 4/5

PETER GELDERBLOM: Hi, thanks for sending me this. Love the original ... will play this in my sets.

MARCO G (Audiotherapy, LMR): Love the Jay Cox Remix Support on this one!

SEBASTIAN DAVIDSON: Tasty release! Original is fave here, although not something I would play out, because of the vocals...BUT i feel Ibiza and a videoclip in here! :-)

TIM RICHARDS (Signature Sounds, Curfew): Thank you for the tunes, the Autopahse boy come through for me personally

GOLD RYAN (CR2, Big Love): Thx for the tracks!Like the original of tell me! nice summer tune!

MARTIN THOMPSON (Noir Music A&R): Hey Guys,Thanks for the promo.Nice package with different mixes.But it

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