Topic: Derek Howell - Master Lux's Movement Emporium [PROTON0090]

01:Derek Howell - Runner  (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
02:Derek Howell - Time Goes (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
03:Derek Howell - Useless Sim Card (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
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From Texas USA comes Derek Howell who gives us the next EP on Proton Music. It's called "Master Lux's Movement Emporium" and consists of three techy tracks which are a little more analog and deep than the past progressive productions he's been known for. Derek has been released on various labels since 2004, including Bedrock, Lost Language, Hope, and Groovecollection. He is one of our mainstays here on Proton as has been with us since the beginning with Lance Cashion's "The Sound", releasing over 20 tracks on our label since.

Focusing more on melodies is the first track, "Runner", which features a little less aggressive beats so the melodies and harmonies can become the dominating elements. But the beat is really groovy and the progressive rhythm of the synth lines creates a unique and interesting soundscape.

"Time Goes" follows with intriguing synth lines and aggressive basslines as well as rather cool vocal samples that make this track even more interesting.

Last is "Useless Sim Card" with its deep and funky bassline. Driving percussion lines and sweeping synths make this a groovy track with great vocal elements which spice it up even more.

The "Master Lux's Movement Emporium" is based of Derek's new Proton show, Man to Man with Master Lux, which he cohosts with Joshua Michael (who happens to be the man behind the cover art on this release).

DJ Feedback:
Whole package sounds great,, the pick for me is Time Goes...

Matt Rowan
This is a great pack - Runner is awesome and Uselss Sim Card is really cool too

Cid Inc (Mashtronic)
Great Ep from Derek. Runner is my pick here, great progression and groove.

A nice EP with a track for each style. for me its the Runner, a warm atmosphere on top of an excelleent groove.

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box Music)
Good EP, one of the better ones by Derek for me. Especially like Runner here, great groove!

Stefan Anion
I have yet to hear a single Derek Howell track that i don't like. Consistently great music from this guy. Love the synthwork and drums on all 3. Top Notch!
This EP is released exclusively June 17th at Beatport.