Topic: [Out Now] Dudu Nahas - Vertigem EP [Low Pressings]

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Nick Warren: Vertigem is very cool.
Miss Nine: Strik - Dudu Nahas for me.
Kasey Taylor: Vertigem original mix is cool.
Steve Parry: Vertigem is a wicked warm housey moment, loads of lush sounds. stirk is cool - a bit filthy. both in the wallet.
Laurent Garnier: Strik is a cool track.
dPen: The best release lately from Low Pressing by my opinion, All tracks are really good.
Randall Jones: WHAT! Strik is one of the hottest tracks I've heard yet this year. 100% my style...can't wait to rock this all summer. Vertigem rocks for me as well on some deeper tip.


Hernan Cerbello
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