Topic: BWO024 Roman Londoner EP - Raymundo Rodriguez

Roman Londoner EP - Raymundo Rodriguez

Stanstead Boogie
Ciampino Groove

With support from Nick Warren, Tony Humphries, Anil Chawla, Flip, Andrew Grant, Mitch, Misstress de Funk, Paul Loraine, Matt Masters, Ogi Gee Cash, Chris Ward and many more!

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BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS is very proud to present you the debut EP release from Raymundo Rodriguez. The 'Roman Londoner EP' perfectly displays Raymundo's huge passion for House music and reflects with its deep and drum orientated tracks his own unique style. Famous for his amazing DJ sets at London's biggest afterhour party JADED, his very successful residency at Room 26 in Rome and his fully booked DJ schedule next to all this, he is also known as 'The DJ who never sleeps'. The two tracks Stanstead Boogie and Ciampino Groove are mainly based on their various drum patterns underlined with pumpy and deep basslines and minimalistic, finely tuned synth layers. Both of the tracks display with their unique groove structures exactly what Deep House is all about and surely keeps everyone moving on the dance floor. Don't miss out on this release and we assure you there is a lot more coming your way from this talented DJ/Producer.


Nick Warren
"Good solid material. Very cool indeed!" 4/5

Tony Humphries
"Excellent track. The groove is on point (Ciampino Groove)." 4/5

Anil Chawla
"Really great sounds here. Full support and chart." 5/5

Patrick Bateman
"Good House music!" 3/5

"What an impressive debut. Excellent!" 5/5

"Great, deep summer vibe here!" 4/5

Paul Loraine
"It's simple, I love Raymundo's work. The guy never sleeps so what else do you expect?" 5/5

Misstress de Funk
"Quality stuff mate. Love both tracks. Played it at Sankeys!" 5/5

Chris Coco
"This is deep and gorgeous!" 4/5

"Nice EP. Sweet, deep sounds" 4/5

and more...

Flip (Toolroom/Brut)
"I looooove Stanstead Boogie!!! Can't wait to play it out tonight. Wicked EP."

Ric McClelland (Scope)
"Stanstead Boogie is the one for me mate! Lovely organic vibes. I will be rocking this bizzle for sure!!"

MrCenzo (Mididropmusic)
"Must say this is wicked for your first hit. The pick for me out of the 2 is the 'Stanstead Boogie'. Can see this working the floor well. Good work mate." 8/10

Matt Masters (Freerange/Mididropmusic)
"Loving Stanstead Boogie