Topic: Records launched ! First release and free track

hi guys,
we have launched new label under called records.
i know that there are lot of digital labels, but i think we can offer you good breaks music 8)

so if u are interested check webpage, myspace...
on webpage you can join mailinglist and receive free track.
dont't worry , you wouldn't be spammed every day.. only if will be new release, and also members of mailinglist will receive some free staff.

also if u are interested you can send us your demo, distribution is through junodownload.

first release is out: Macho - Aliens [BRSK 001]

we are based in slovakia, so mainly want to bring you music from our and surrounding countries.

myspace is:
web is:
facebook is (will be in english also):
soundcloud is:

every feedback is welcomed, have a good listening and thanks for support smile


This is wicked mate! Lovely trippy sounds and great production. I wish
it had a little more variation in the melody but I love the overall
shape of it. Nice work, will definitely play this on my forthcoming
shows smile
(DJ Quextal - BrapFM, NSB Radio)

"Really good start for the label! 100% Macho... sound.....tough kicksdistorted proggy synths, darkish feeling and superb floating......i'll play it......."
(Pale Penguin - V.I.M.RECORDS label manager, THE SCIENTIFICS, PALE THE KID)

I thinks it's a very cool tune... I'm definitely looking forward to what else you'll be releasing...
(Dj Kyulo, Deft Kompoundz Show on

Thanks for the tune. Nice deep and techy vibes.
(Bill Vega)