Topic: XSSR010 - Mars & Motive feat MC Profit 'Back To Basics'

XSSR010 - Mars & Motive feat MC Profit 'Back To Basics'

Back To Basics (Original mix)
Back To Basics (Kid Digital remix)
Back To Basics (DaVIP remix)
Label: XSSR Music
Release: December' 09

   XSSR Music are back for their 10th release and once again it's a peaktime dancefloor thumper that is sure to be seen rocking the main rooms of the worlds best clubs. Featuring the vocal talents of the awesome MC Profit and a remixes from the up and coming Kid Digital as well as DaVIP.

The original mix is a bouncy, bumping workout which showcases MC Profits superb vocal skills to their maximum. As you'd expect with Mars & Motive at the controls the beats are super tight, the bass is simple but powerful and the vocals are woven around everything expertly to give a funky edge to this stripped back banger.

Kid Digital slows things down a bit and adds in his own twists and turns with plenty of skippy percussion flowing over the top of the main break. The excellent vocal features heavily once again with superbly filtered, funky yet driving leads and bass leading the way in what is sure to become an anthem for those that like their beats a little slower. Make no mistake, this may be slowed down but it's no less effective!

DaVIP remix toughens things back up with a huge, slamming bassline that in the right hands is going to cause some serious damage. MC Profit's lyrical prowess is again at the fore but with the choppy, powerful bass and some massive leads flowing in and out of the track this is peaktime, room one action as it should be. The use of the vocal in the build up to the main drop is simply sublime and is guaranteed to drive dancefloors all over the world into a frenzy.

This package delivers with every mix and shows why XSSR Music, Mars & Motive, Kid Digital, DaVIP & MC Profit are all respected around the world for their music. Be sure not to miss out on what is set to become one of the labels biggest successes so far, and get yourself Back To Basics now!

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