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A Release Promo Hype Chart No.1 that’s currently receiving heavy support from many major key players on the electronic music scene.

Already gaining some serious hype is the title track from this all original EP. Tight stabs, rolling bass and a riff so evil it makes Freddy Krueger look like a nice gent who you wouldn't mind your sister heading out with for a night on the town. The key element here is ENERGY seriously infectious beats guaranteed to work the soaks off even the biggest of rooms. On the flip we have Well Played. Haunting guitars, vocal nuances and sweeps combined with a crunching groove and sick bass line make for a track which is already quite fittingly being 'well played'.

Beatport Exclusive Pre-Release For TWO WEEKS from 16/02/2010
Full Release Date - 02/03/2010

01 Trim The Fat – Voodoo Baby (Original Mix)
02 Trim The Fat – Well Played (Original mix)

Trim The Fat – Voodoo Baby / Well Played @ Beatport

Well Played : Feedback

Jaytech – “sounding great smile
Embliss – “Both solid dancefloor bombs! Trim The Fat is on fire.”
Beltek - “Well Played is for me. Thanks!”
Darin Epsilon – “Well Played is an amazing track. Love the bass progression and the overall direction of the song. Will consider for radio show, live shows, and February chart.”
Luke Porter – “Love both of these, full support.”
Chloe Harris – “both of these are funky. love voodoo baby”
Miss Nine – “both tracks are really good!”
Faskil - “Exellent!”
Abel Ramos - “Great Release!”
Tom Bailey – “Loving both tracks, awesome as always!”
Stefan Anion – “Well Played is the one. Nice thick and groovy beats and great melody.”
Royal Sapien - “Solid!”
Andy Newland – “Great sounds!”
Igor Cold – “Well Played!:) Excellent release, dancing stuff!”
Roell Sapphire – “support!”
Josh Abrams – “Great tune!”
Zack Roth – “Like the vibe on this one.”
Bear Golightly – “I've always enjoyed Trim The Fat\'s signature groove sound. Well Played indeed!”
Hawker – “nice, very funky proggy release from Trim The Fat.”
Ben Coda – “More techy goodness from Trim the Fat - wicked!!”
Hyline – “very nice”
Derek Howell – “good funkiness and groove here”
Sasha Le Monnier – “Sweet, groovy ,teched out prog!”
Greg Desty – “love it”
D-Phrag – “Very nice, lighthearted clubby tech - I like it.”

Voodoo Baby : Feedback

Tomcraft – “Voodoo Baby... Excellent!”
Filth & Splendor –“Voodoo Baby has a wicked groove and big room bass, will def support.”
Randall Jones – “Dope cut!!”
Edge Howk - “Nice heavy grinding techno!”
Jon Doe – “Like the hypnotic Rhythm”
Hawker – “holy crap! unexpected level of dark from Trim the Fat, great vocal, hopefully a floorfiller. will support live and hopefully can work into radio.”
Roell Sapphire – “great track”
Ben Coda – “More techy goodness from Trim the Fat - wicked!!”
Greg Desty – “great track”
Los – “Trim has been rocking it lately, this one is no exception.”

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We really appreciate all your feedback and support, so please let us know if you enjoy this release...


Trim The Fat - Well Played |Music Video| Ft. John "Bum Chin" Travolta