Topic: OUT NOW! Leuce Rhythms - Headroot + RETROID, B-PHREAK, PHREA SPIRIT!

Hey, everybody!

The 7th release from Scarcity Records *Breakspoll Best New Label Nominee* is out today and it goes like this wink
Please take a moment and check

Leuce Rhythms - Headroot (Your Love) (SCAR07)
Original + Retroid, B-Phreak, Phrea Spirit Remixes!

Release date: 26 Apr, 2010
Genre: Breaks, Drum&Bass
Artwork: Negru
Mastering: Adeser

About this release:
The next release on Scarcity introduces a quite fresh act to the breaks scene: Leuce Rhythms (Richard Hale and Dan De Lissandri); The duo from Leeds definitely have a sound worth checking out. Their music is pure nuskool breaks, yet deep but heavy party style influenced with a sprinkle of techno added to the mix to give this bright young sparky group an absolute unique and fresh flavor that we have been very inspired by.

The hungarian breaks don Retroid takes all the elements from the original into a deep space journey that keeps going until you reach a bright distant star that explodes into a beautiful bass supernova right in front of your eyes.

The B-Phreak Remix is a wonderful and flawless fusion of beats, quick edits, bass and the melodies form the original cleverly turned into this pumping mechanical breaks track.

This release wouldnt be complete without the genius remix from Phrea Spirit, a young and very talented producer from Moscow, Russia. With stunning attention to detail he shapes the original into a fresh, chilled and atmospheric half-step drum&bass that will surely make you think about the purple sunset on the warm white sand on your dream island!




Some reactions:

"Full support for Retroid Remix from me! Great stuff!" Tony Tay (En:vision)

"Wow, I really dig the B-Phreak Remix! I already liked the Original, but he hit the genre blender button perfectly. Will DEFINITELY play this!" Ian Daniella Downs (Dead Famous)

"Original - Nice progressive sounding lead at the break down, catchy riff. Chunks along nicely. I likey! Retroid Remix - Floaty, still a nice tune. Phrea Spirit Remix - LOVE IT! This is the best version for me! PHREA SPIRIT REMIX FTW!" Karl Sav (Re:connect, Scarcity)

"The whole package is great! Love the Original, wicked old skool funky flavour. RetroidRremix is class too. Will get support from me!" Andy Faze

"We prefer the B-Phreak Remix, good strong drums, clever use of the vocal and as ever with B-Phreak, there is a wicked groove!" Lunar Shift (Ego Shot)

"The Phrea Spirit Remix is my choice. This is hot liquid d'n'b stuff! Original and Retroid Remix are nice too." Parallax Breakz (RUNE, Ego Shot, Scarcity)

"All four tracks are really nice but the Retroid Remix really stands out for me - Will be playing these tracks for sure!" Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK)

"Curl : Loving the Retroid Remix, it stood out on the Break Wind Show last night too! And also the Phrea Spirit Remix - I am loving the summer terrace/lounge vibe on this mix big time!
Dean : The Retroid Remix is quality, so so nice, pure summer smasher here, deep tingly Wingly vibes, played it on the show last night and will be playing it again and again! Also - Loving the chilled riddems of the Phrea Spirit Remix, nice headonistic Drum & Bass perfect for that day when you get the BarBQ on, beer in hand and nothing else matters, love the Austin Powers stab,  will be playing this when ever I get to the chance to play outdoors!" Curl & Dean (Scarcity)

"Listened to the release a couple times. I totally love all the mixes! B-Phreak is my fav here, and I also enjoy the Phrea Spirit Remix a lot, very cool. Great stuff. Keep them coming man!" Home Alone (Dead Famous, Scarcity)

"Nice release! Retroid as always on top. B-Phreak is also good." Yreane (XSSR, Scarcity)


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Hope you enjoy this one big_smile Hehe