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Got his Fabric cd on the weekend and have to say it's wicked - deep, tribally, west coast house with some seriously huge basslines in there   IMO probably the equal best fabric cd to date (Craig Richards' was ace as well).

Anyone know anything else about him? I notice he's playing fabric this saturday night, but I can't make it   

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He is a quality DJ. Comes from Toronto, Canada and is one of the best Tech-House DJ's around IMO. He plays bi-monthly or quarterly at Fabric so you wont have to wait that long for his next visit. Well worth the effort to go and see him if you can.

I've seen him twice and the tracks he plays are amazing.

He also posts on the GU and the Tech House EZBoards. Very nice guy too.


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I agree, my second fave Fabric CD after Ali B

Eat the Fvckin' Bagel baby.......

Do you both have a subscription so the series? 

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Yeah, I subscribed to the series (both fabric and fabric live). Been hit and miss in places (found Deadly Avenger unlistenable - just not my cup of tea at all), but some of them have been quality: Richards, Francis, Ali B, Howie B, Tyler Stadius, all class cds. Looking forward to Halo & Hipp-e's as well   

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I take it that will be the next fabric one?

Totaly agree about the deadly Avenger, I'm sure it's very good but I just don't like the music,

I missed the first 2 fabric CDs and the first Fabric live which I'm a bit pissed off about, fancy doing a trade? I'll copy 3 CD's for you if you copy those for me. I have quite a large range of albums

X-press 2

Both Leftfields



Boarders of Canada



Zero 7

Adam Freeland Live


e.t.c e.t.c, Just ask for anything that's not on the list and I'll see if I've got it

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The back catalogue ones are still only a tenner from the fabric site.







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Does anyone know if Deep C & Udoh are going to be doing a Fabric CD soon? It would be excellent.


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I think so..

I think the next one is by H-foundation  and the next fabric live is grooverider.

should be fun. thought howie b was class.



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Already got the Grooverider C.D.   

Good Sh!t.

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It's feckin brilliant!!!! I think all of the FabricLive cds have been outstanding, faves being AliB, DeadlyAvenger and Hype...... scrub that, they're all my faves..... 

The Fabric series is not quite to the same standard, for me. Didn't get on with the Tony Humphries one (too much gospel), nor the Pure Science(samey, samey) one. Can't get enough of the Tyler Stadius one at the mo tho'. Absolutely lush! 

Got to be the best cd series' going. Looking forward to the H-Foundation one; I thoughtthe Ess Mix they did a while back was fvcking ace.....


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Thought the first half was stunning, thought the second half was a consequent anti climax. I also thought this about the last England game if anybody's interested.

Only listened twice so I'll give it another go soon.  Now in fact.

Very much looking forward to Grooverider's effort.

Top five Fabric CDs so far:

1 Craig Richards

2 Terry Francis

3 Tony Humphries

4 Tyler's

5 DJ Hype

Least favourite:

Dead heat between Ali B and Deadly Avenger.

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Re: Tyler Stadius...

he lives in vancouver.

was originally from toronto.

he owns bassix record store (with partners)

as well as the city's nightclub Sonar. (both in Vancouver)

good stuff, keep it going and going