Topic: VIMBREAKS055 Digital Breaks Foundation - Experience / Deeper

One of the best British Proggy Breaks project, Digital Breaks Foundation release their second single for our label. Two killer high-quality tracks that reminds us the good old days of the Breaks scene. DBF are coming strong after the huge success of the “Override” single and their remix for Lady Packa on our label earlier this year. First remix is submitted by one of the most popular and innovative British Breaks projects, Ben & Lex are shaking minds, bodies and dancefloors since 2003 having many killer singles and remixes for labels like Functional Breaks, Ape Music, Big Square, Silo, Control Breaks, Rocstar Records and many more. Second remix delivered by The Scientifics which are coming strong with another quality piece of forward thinking Techno/Tech-Funk after the huge success of their last remix for Break The Box'sPaul F Trance” single.

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Digital Breaks Foundation “Experience”

Proggy melodies, crisp snare and phat kick, wikked bassline and some trademark DBF synths! Simply great build-up, uplifting percussive elements, vocal drops and that darkish spacey pads floating like diamonds in hyper-space! … ginal-edit

Digital Breaks Foundation “Deeper”

Ambientish/Spacey intro till the “Get A Little Deeper” vox comes in……quality beat, darkish pumpin bass, spacey fx, melodies, trancey synths! A dark-proggy beauty for the Breaks scene! … l-mix_edit

Digital Breaks Foundation “Experience (Ben & Lex Remix)”

An absolute burner that’s destined to set dancefloors on fire! Quality use of the original elements, phat beatz, tribalistic perc and that killer bass! Dancefloor alert! … remix-edit

Digital Breaks Foundation “Deeper (The Scientifics Deep Into The Rabbit Hole Remix)”

A hypnotic dark Tech roller with harmonic use of original material combined with Matrix samples and old-skool beatz drops. Deep gorgeous spacey breakdown and some uplifting Tech chords lead things into another dimension. … remix-edit

MAELSTROM (KATORZA, WEST, STREETWISE, LABROK, MONEYSHOT) - The Scientifics remix is really good

EK (DEAD FAMOUS, DUSTED BREAKS) - I'm really liking the Ben & Lex remix of Experience and the original mix of Deeper. Nice work!

SPANGLED BALLET (FIREFLY, ERASE) - Cool release, Deeper (original) is my pick of the bunch! Matt

DANIELLA DAWNS (DEAD FAMOUS RECORDS LABEL MANAGER, NSB MUSIC REVIEWER) - original mixes all the way, although deeper is the preferable of the 2, i like both smile

SYSTEM 2 (R3TOX RECORDS, V.I.M.BREAKS) - Cool release! liking the proggy vibe of the originals.

KULTUR (IBREAKS FUNK, KULTURA BREAKZ, METAMORPH MUZIK, LOGIKO BEATZ) - Both original mixes are fantastic ! Pure proggy Breaks in High Quality !! DBF rulez !! I will support both in my Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks radio) in the next weeks and also in my live sets.

HOME ALONE (DEAD FAMOUS RECORDS, DUSTED BREAKS, CHIPSOUND RECORDS, V.I.M.BREAKS) - I'm really digging the original of Deeper, it's sounding... deep and nice. This one seem to promise some damage on the dance floor. I also like the fact the track asked to "get a little deeper" and The Scientific responded getting a little deeper! Nice remix indeed. I also like the original mix of Experience, very fluid and hypnotic. Ben & Lex did an awesome job too with their mix, adding a touch of nasty that is always a plus :-) Overall another great release from V.I.M. Keep 'em coming!!

STEVE MACCABE (TECH-FUNK SESSIONS ON NSB RADIO, VI.M.BREAKS) - Really liking the deep tech house feel to The Scientifics remix of Deeper, the track progresses nicely, really good use of the original sounds, love the sound of the synths. The Ben & Lex remix of Experience is the best track in the package, what a remix!, have listened to it 3 times whilst writing this, and it just gets better. That growling bassline does some serious damage. smile Both the remixes go in the record bag.

CAROL CAMPOS (THE TECH-FUNK SHOW ON FNOOB RADIO) - Thanks a lot for the promo, really liked it smile The 'deeper' track I like the Scientifics remix better, the managed to turn it in to a prog house but with groove and strong beats. Great atmosphere without being tacky. And I love the Matrix vocals smile Will be in my 4x4 mixes/sets for sure! The 'experience' tracks are both winners! Like the original for an opening set, it's very deep but awesome to dance to. The Ben & Lex remix is a bomb! Heavy and angry (in a very good way), love the dubstep-like bassline.

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