Topic: BOTO - Tentacle Wounds [Subtribe046] Out now!!!

artist: BOTO
catalog number: SUBTRIBE046
release date: 12 JULY 2010

Especially for glitch, filth, Specimen A & Far Too Loud lovers!
Fresh bomb from our New Zealand residents of the label - BOTO! They broke up the floor in autumn 2009 with their debut release "Squid Eats Bear" and now these guys from the Pacific Ocean continue to bring crazy ideas with massive vibes.
Check it out!



ID: "good release, it should do well!  'tentacle' is the better track IMO, slightly glitchy for my tastes but well produced and does what it does very well"

Mobius: "Pretty mental release this one, Mecha Butterfly is definitely my fave here and will go down a treat with those who like things trancey and a little twisted"

Far Too Loud: "Thanks! I prefer Fly Mecha Butterfly on this release, which is nice and funky"

Torqux: "its a better release for subtribe!"

John Grief [Definition:breaks]: "Tentacle Wounds is a wicked track!! I didnt know where it was going as i listened to the intro - but then BOOM!! Filth and phatness straight in your face! Will be a great track for people to bridge between breaks and dubstep. Full support for this one!"

Duane Barry: "Nastiness inside! Fly Mecha Butterfly has a great mixture of melody, soundscapes and insanity - love it! P.S. Cover looks great!"

Hook [BREAKS.IT]: "Tentacle Wounds" is crazy and frenetic, it appears that the tentacles really get you and fling you here and there for the dancefloor and never give up."Mecha Fly Butterfly" is more listenable, but not without intensive ... it's composed of aggresivest and distorted synth accompany you along a journey in this particular style of New Zealander Boto. I think we will hear more of this "axtravagant" artist in the future.


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