Topic: Border Community presents: Border Commune @ Corsica Studios 24th Sep

Room 1
Perc (
Margot (live + DJ) 
James Holden 

Room 2: 'The Holkham Drone Zone' 
Improvisations in the key of drone with your host DJ Wesley Matsell
Featuring :
James Holden vs Luke Abbott
An'Unexpectacle Drone Zone (interactive choral concentrational hypnosis)
'Telechromatic Distortion' (live audio-visual performance by Dan Tombs)
Wesley Matsell

£10 advance / MOTD - Advance Tickets:

Border Community cements our relationship with Elephant & Castle's wonderful Corsica Studios club with the 'Border Commune' on Friday 24th September – the latest in an ongoing series of conceptual events hosted in the truly unique, open-minded, bohemian artspace that is Corsica Studios.

As ever, our DJ overlord James Holden will be manning the decks in Room 1: any excuse to play at his favourite London club, where the type of free-wheeling hedonistic pagan moments as heard on his recent addition to the DJ Kicks series are always close at hand. Experience true liberation via the medium of Holden's ever-idiosyncratic selection of music-for-dancing-to, where genre takes a back seat as his eclectic selections tap straight into our most basic urge to dance. Just you try and stop yourself.

Opening up the evening is our special guest and long-time compadre Perc, whose name has surely mainlined its way into your record boxes via releases of suitably gigantic proportions on Kompakt, Ovum, Drumcode and of course his own pet label project Perc Trax. He joins us for a long-overdue Border Community party appearance, where the early doors slot offers a welcome opportunity to expand the borders of his usual Perc club repertoire, with a wide-ranging influence-spanning set of the type heard on his recent guest mix for the scene-defining Allez-Allez blog.

As a tasty filling sandwiched between these two eclectic homegrown staples you will find one of Italy's finest imports, the impossibly-accomplished dancefloor electronica duo Margot, flying in from Rimini for their debut UK appearance. The Margot name has already completed the circuit of their native Italy, as well as several laps in the DJ sets of the likes of James Holden and Ivan Smagghe, via a string of solid releases from their own Margot Records label, but now we are overjoyed to welcome them into the Border Community stable to release the astounding 'France 2 EP' in November. Hear an exclusive sneak preview in their unique live-and-DJ-set fusion, where Pepe's considerable DJ skills are complemented and modified by the addition of Giaga's own smooth live vocals, sound effects and interactive dynamic live versions of their own original material. 

No Border Community / Corsica Studios showdown is complete without a flavour of the unexpected, and this time that flavour will be taking over the whole of Room 2, which will find itself transformed into 'The Holkham Drone Zone': a cosy alternative space wherein one may experience a variety of entertainments revolving around the theme of Drone. When our latest Norfolk wonderling Luke Abbott named his new sublimely wonky album 'Holkham Drones', we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to programme a whole evening of drone-based music in its honour: what better excuse for an evening of improvisational drone performance peppered between the noisy DJ stylings of your host DJ Wesley Matsell?

And thus you can expect the following improvisations in the key of drone. Border Community's own major players in the modular synth arms race James Holden and Luke Abbott place their cases back-to-back for a balls-out Doepfer drone-off. Resident situationist An'Unexpectacle orchestrates a session of “interactive choral concentrational hypnosis” with the aid of assembled voices, setting off an improvisational journey to wherever the evening's volunteers seek to direct it. Travelling visuals man Dan Tombs moves into the audio dimension with his performance of 'Telechromatic Distortion', his own audio-visual composition fusing sound and image to formidable effect. Perc may even nip over from Room 1 to unleash his demonic side using a few choice items of his own analogue kit. And finally, to bring the evening to a fitting climax, that nice young art school boy Wesley Matsell will wheel out his own monolithic beast of primal diginoise to send you all on your way with noise in your heart.