Mesmer - Stereo Rainbow
Original + EK, Aeron Aether, Vibromaster Remixes + Mesmer's Re-Rub
Catalog: SCAR16
Release date: September 27th, 2010
Label: Scarcity Records ( )

About this release:
Mesmer turns in a deceptively subtle, deep yet rolling piece of a breakbeat tune. Huge sweeping filtered pads that kick the whole affair before dropping a glitched melodic drive with lush vocals bits on top. The tune keeps changing all the time through its 8:41 play time, from rolling breaks to 4/4 to breakstep bits and back to melodic bass driven breakbeat that is edited, sliced and chopped even more.
Australian breaks legend EK provides a solid remix with a massive acid crunch that is sure to be an assault on the senses.
Hungarian producer Aeron Aether uses a real musical style to create something that is truly classic and emotional; this remix needs to be played in the sunshine to raptured dancefloors.
Also featuring a remix from talented newcommer from France, Vibromaster, taking it to the darker, deeper side of dubstep/grime.
We concluded this package with a BONUS re-rub of the original by Mesmer himself.


Some reactions:
"EK remix is top" Johan Soh / Jariten (Sound of Habib)

"Choice for me is Mesmer's Re-Rub for extra dancey goodness!" Kickflip

"Top quality tune from sir Mesmer! My favourites are the Original and the Aeron Aether Remix, both tracks are rockin! The other mixes are also good ones! Phat release!!!" B-Phreak

"Solid release! EK Remix works for me, it's really nice to hear something from him again. I will support it for sure" Jamie (The Pooty Club Rec)

"MAD package mate! ALL mixes are really strong!!! Nice one" RuN RiOT (We Are Live, Sound of Habib)

"I really like the EJ Remix a shit ton. It's so win it hurts. I also really like the Mesmer Re-Rub. Immensely dope too!" Ian "Daniella Downs" (Dead Famous Rec)

"Liking the Original's glitchy edits and chilled atmosphere, sounding good. I love EK, and his tougher direction works well. My pick is the Aeron Aether Remix, I love his work - thick beats and terrific work on the melodic elements. Will definitely give this some support in my progressive sets." Yanix (Ridiculoud)

"Wow is this only coming out on promo now?!?!?!? I've been CANNING this!!!" Karl Sav (Re:connect)
MALONE'S EYE ON THE OUTSIDE: "This release is so spellbindingly good - Quite possibly the best I've heard this year, in fact, that I absolutely refuse to pick a favourite. What I will say is this: If at least one of these gems doesn't make the top tens of the major online retailers, I will set fire to the internet."
MIXMAG REVIEW: "Give your crowd a break - It’s taken a few releases but Mesmer’s new label has come up trumps with this one courtesy of the man himself and a host of decent remixes. Though slightly confused like coming round in the drugs tent, this one’s spacious and vague, crowd soothing vibes are perfect for dropping the tone down a notch (3/5)" Dave No Hands (Mixmag)



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