WAYS AND MEANS featuring Susie Ledge "DROWNING"
SUBTRIBE049 is Now Available!

For those who is ready for the next Subtribe release, we are happy to introduce our next monster-track from the British band 'Ways and Means' part of the worldwide known 'Kosheen' project, which is known all over the world and famous female singer - Susie Ledge.

Juicy dance rhythm with a touch of melancholic Susie's vocals makes a decent track, not only for the dancefloor rocking, but also for everyday listening.

The release includes remixes from russian producer BREAKZHEAD, who uses full potential of melodic vocals to create atmospheric mixture of aggressive break-beat. Also included - remix from B-BOY TRONIK. The tune is permeated with trance feeling, which reminds of "freestyle" - music style, very popular in the 90s. Highly recommended for all the fans of Freestyle Project and Music Instructor.

The last remix is created by TONY AWAKE,  surprisingly, in the form of light RNB - the music for making love, which relaxes and allows you to drown in the ocean of pleasant feelings.

1. Original Mix
2. BreakZhead Remix
3. B-Boy Tronik Remix
4. Tony Awake Remix

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DJ Rating:
tony awake mix is bad laid back sound nicely done well done subtribe

Thanks for the promo, guys. BreakZhead and Tony Awake remixes for me here. Will spin them out.

Far Too Loud:
Thanks!  Original mix for me on this release. Nice spacey vibes but 
the track maintains a killer groove for dancefloor appeal.

Dj Phoneme:
Hey. Thanx again for the promo,big ups to the Subtribe crew.
I love the vocal,very good tunes.
My favourite would be the BreakZhead remix,wicked beats rolling with a great vocal.

Favourite Track : WAYS & MEANS feat SUSIE LEDGE : Drowning (BreakZhead remix) / (B-boy Tronik remix)
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Top release on the Subtribe label ! 2 fantastic remixes ! The BreakZhead remix is a powerful nu skool Breaks with melodik synths and he B-boy Tronik remix is a perfect Breaks-Trance. Support of both remixes in our Metamorph Masterpieces Podcast (Soundcloud) in the next weeks and also in my live sets.

Duane Barry:
I love the remixes, especially B-Boy Tronik remix - will support all in my sets for sure smile Subtribe rules!

Bill Vega:
Class release as usual, going for the Breakzhead remix

BreakZhead remix does well and there's an interesting chilled mix from Tony Awake. Cheers anyway!

All over the original of this one, definitie support


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