Topic: Off Centre at 333?

Has anyone been to this club? Looks like a laugh according to Time Out, and I'm up in the big smoke for the weekend and want a bit of dancing silliness!

Otherwise, what do you reckon is the must do night this fri/ sat? cheers!


Re: Off Centre at 333?

333 is pretty cool, but it is Hoxton mullet central. Honestly, unless you have a mullet or look like a complet t*at (not saying that people there are t*ats, but just look like them )then you may feel slightly out of place. If you can get upstairs to the mother bar ( slightly harder to get in) then that always a pretty coo; atmosphere.

DP on fri @ soundshaft

Fabric Live

Sat Danny Howells @ Pacha

Tyler Stadius @ fabric

and the ends listings are alwys worth a look.



Re: Off Centre at 333?

333's a scabby club, but is lots of fun if you're blind drunk and in the area. I've spent a lot of time on the floor in that place, I'm proud to say.

I'd go for The End or Fabric if you're just in London for the weekend though. They're a bit more like 'proper' clubs, rather than deathtrap sheds.

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