Topic: Ilya Mosolov "Agoraphobia" + Parallax Breakz, Binster RMX [SCARCITY]

Ilya Mosolov - Agoraphobia
Original + Parallax Breakz, Binster Remixes + Mosolov's Re-Rub
Catalog: SCAR19
Release date: November 30th, 2010
Label: Scarcity Records ( )


Ilya Mosolov / Илья Мосолов (Born July 3rd, 1987) is a young and up-and-coming artist from Samara, Russia. With releases on well established labels such as Electrofly and Baroque he never sticks to one music genre, his tastes ranging from downtempo and chill out music to drum & bass, often m...aking a stop into the progressive breaks area. Ilya Mosolov is a rare example of a musician who makes his music sincerely with wide open heart. We are privileged to release one of his original works called "Agoraphobia" and feature a remix from him on our previous release Kovacs "Nanobots".

Parallax Breakz -

Binster -


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