Topic: FAO SloppieYoshie n Nayef

Could you two drop me a line at thirtyips@hotmail.com?

And just so that I'm not wasting everyone else's time, here's some smut:

"Gray's Anatomy"

by William Logan

O doctor, dear doctor, my husband,

he calls them the rudest names.

He calls mine Annie Oakley.

He calls his Jesse James.

I love to squeeze his Cutty Sark

as he rounds my Cape of Good Hope,

but why must he leak his fountain pen

in my business envelope?

And why are these Egg McMuffins,

and why is that steak tartare?

And why does he say my rack of lamb

has the smell of caviar?

He loves to lift my Dixie cups.

He leaves my bacon charred.

He drives my little rental car

by inserting his MasterCard.

He wants to put his dessert spoon

into my raspberry fool

or take his New York minute

inside my Liverpool,

or put his plug in my outlet,

his sirloin in my roaster,

his dreadnought up my river mouth,

his toolbox in my toaster.

Whenever we're in the bedroom,

he whispers in my ear

that I'm his drowning Ophelia

and he's my young King Lear.

And then he strips me naked

to kiss my razor clam

or puts his thumb like a diplomat

deep into Vietnam.

Re: FAO SloppieYoshie n Nayef

Have you thought about using that as a vocal for your one of your records?


Re: FAO SloppieYoshie n Nayef

Well, I know Jayn Hanna doesn't sing other people's material, but perhaps she'd make an exception?

I'll get right on her. I mean it.

Re: FAO SloppieYoshie n Nayef

Thanks for sorting out that roll the other night.

Was he a mate of yours?


Re: FAO SloppieYoshie n Nayef

Why Matt, *everyone* is a mate of mine.

Ok, now for everyone else: Doesn't Matt look like the lead singer of the Dandy Warhols?