Topic: QUADRAT BEAT 'Rock Star' [SUBTRIBE051] OUT NOW!!!

title: ROCK STAR
genre: BREAKS
catalog number: SUBTRIBE051
release date: 29/11/2010 (Beatport)



Far Too Loud:
Great stuff.  Most preferring the Farace mix.

The Farace remix is a powerful progressive Breaks take of the tune. The original mix is already in our bag. Support in our Metamorph Masterpieces show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.

Ali Mobius:
Loving this release, probably Faraces best remix so far in my opinion but it's Mars's banger that's my pick, will drop it on the radio tonight

John Grief:
This release is wicked - will be a winner for the label for sure.
Feeling the Mars remix the most though - the beats are wicked and the usual drivin Mars basslines are in full effect! Good use of the vocals too.
Full support on this one - 9/10.

Jaime (The Pooty Club Records):
Great release, I really like the original mix, these guys always rock with their tracks, nice progression and the vocals sounds really good. A great track minded for the dancefloor indeed.

Yo, checked the new one out, liking the techy groove on the original, and Mars slightly heavier remix taking things.
both have a place in my sets, good stuff!

DJ Rating:
Sounding good

Duane Barry:
Big release! I really like all 3 mixes but the Mars one just takes it for me - awesome!